How do I edit or cancel a recurring gift?

If you've set up a recurring donation through Overflow, you can easily change or stop that recurring gift within your Donor Profile.


The Donor Profile is your Overflow account where you can view and manage all of your giving history, tax documents, and payment methods in one place. You can explore all of the features available to you in the Donor Profile here.


But for now, let's get you logged in to your Donor Profile so you can make the changes you need to your recurring gift.


LOG IN: Enter the email address or phone number you used when making the donation on Overflow into the log-in page of the Donor Profile: You'll be sent a one-time passcode to log in.



FIND THE GIFT: Navigate to the Recurring Gifts section. Here, you'll see recurring gift information such as the receiving organization, the amount that is sent on a recurring basis, the start date of the gift, the frequency, the payment method used, and the campaign and subcampaign to which the gift is designated (if applicable).



EDIT A RECURRING GIFT: Update recurring gift information by scrolling to the far right and clicking the ellipsis. You can edit the following information on a recurring transaction:

  • Amount
  • Start Date
  • Frequency
  • Payment Method
  • Campaign
  • Subcampaign



CANCEL A RECURRING GIFT: To cancel a recurring donation, scroll to the far right of the gift and click the ellipsis. Select "Cancel" and then confirm you'd like to cancel the donation by selecting "Cancel" again in the pop-up window. 


You can view recurring gifts you've canceled in the past by clicking the Canceled Gifts tab on the top of your screen.


To set up a new recurring gift, follow the instructions in this article.

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