Giving on Overflow. How do I update or remove a payment method?

Did you know you can update your payment information, view all of your giving history, and more in the Donor Profile?


That's right! The Donor Profile is where you can view and manage all of your giving history, tax documents, and payment methods in one place. You can learn all about the Donor Portal in this article.


But for now, let's get to your main question: how to update or remove your payment methods. Here's how:


LOG IN:Enter the email address or phone number you used when making the donation on Overflow into the log-in page of the Donor Profile: You'll be sent a one-time passcode to log in.



FIND PAYMENT METHODS: Navigate to Settings on the left of your screen. Then click the "Payment Methods" tab in the top bar. You can manage your saved payment methods, whether that is a credit or debit card, bank account, or brokerage account, within this tab.



UPDATE A PAYMENT METHOD: You can update your default payment method for cash donations by clicking on the ellipsis on the right of the account. This will set it so that all future cash donations are charged to that payment method. You can not edit a payment method within your Donor Profile. We recommend removing a method completely if the information is no longer correct.


REMOVE A PAYMENT METHOD: To remove a payment method, simply click the ellipsis to the right of the method and click "Remove". This will immediately deactivate that account from your profile and no future donations will be charged to that card.




NOTE: It is not currently possible to add a new payment method within your Donor Profile. To add a payment method, you will need to initiate a new transaction to a nonprofit using that account. We recommend navigating back to your Donor Profile once you have added a new payment method to ensure the correct default method is set.


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