Manage Your Giving through Overflow with The Donor Profile.

Your generosity is a thing to be celebrated! πŸŽ† And that's exactly what Overflow's Donor Profile strives to do: show all of your philanthropy in one place, give you the tools to manage your donations, and celebrate your impact on the world.


Once you give through Overflow for the first time, a personal profile will be created for you associated with the phone number or email address you used to give. You can use that same phone number or email address to log in to your Donor Profile and see all of your giving history, tax documents, and payment methods in one place. 


You can watch a quick walkthrough of the Donor Profile here, or read on to learn more about each section of the Donor Profile:



You can access your Donor Portal in three different ways:

1. From within any giving experience on Overflow. Just click the person icon in your screen's upper right-hand corner.


2. From any giving receipt sent via email. 

3. Or, from this link: We recommend bookmarking this URL so you can access your profile at any time.



Once you have accessed the Donor Profile page, log in using the phone number or email address you have used to give through Overflow before. You'll be sent a one-time passcode via text or email. We know it is easy to forget passwords, so we'll never ask you to set one up!



The first page you'll see when you log in is the Home page. This is an overview of the total value you've donated to date and to which types of organizations. Over time, the dollars donated, the number of gifts, and the organizations impacted will add up to incredible transformation!





This tab is where you can see a list of all the transactions you've ever initiated through Overflow. You'll see information such as the organization to which you donated, when the gift was submitted, the current status, which asset type you donated (cash, stock, or crypto), the confirmed value, the quantity or ticker of that asset if applicable, and then the campaign and subcampaign if you chose to designate your donation towards a specific purpose. 


Click here for a deep dive into all of the actions you can take within the Contributions tab.






You can view and manage your recurring donations directly within your Donor Profile by navigating to the Recurring Gifts section. Here, you'll see recurring gift information such as the receiving organization, the amount that is sent on a recurring basis, the start date of the gift, the frequency, the payment method used, and the campaign and subcampaign to which the gift is designated (if applicable).


You can edit or cancel recurring gifts by scrolling to the far right and clicking the ellipsis. For more information about editing or canceling recurring gifts,click here.

You can also view gifts you've canceled in the past by clicking the Canceled Gifts tab on the top of your screen.



This is your one-stop shop for all of the acknowledgment letters you've received on gifts contributed through Overflow.

  • To view an acknowledgment letter for a single contribution, scroll to the right and click the ellipsis. You can either choose to view the letter in your browser or download it to your desktop.
  • If you'd like to create a bulk download of your acknowledgment letters, you can do so by clicking the checkbox next to each contribution or selecting all using the checkbox next to "Issue Date". Click the arrow icon in the blue box that appears to save all the letters to your desktop.




The settings tab is where you can manage your personal information including contact details, profile picture, log-in information, and payment settings. Let's explore each tab:

  • Personal: This tab is where you can view and change your first and last name, address, and profile picture.
  • Login & Security: This tab is where you can update the email address and phone number you use to log in to the Donor Profile and any giving experience through Overflow. Because this is important information to be able to log in to your account, you will be prompted to confirm you have access to that email address or phone number by entering a one-time passcode sent to your inbox or phone. Once you enter the code, you'll be able to save the change.
  • Payment Methods: You can manage your saved payment methods, whether that is a credit or debit card, bank account, or brokerage account, within this tab. You can update your default payment method for cash donations or remove a payment method by clicking on the ellipsis on the right of the account. Click here to learn more about updating and removing a payment method.
    • NOTE: It is not currently possible to add a new payment method to your Donor Profile. To add a payment method, you will need to initiate a new transaction to a nonprofit using that account. We recommend navigating back to your Donor Profile once you have added a new payment method to ensure the correct default method is set.


To log out of your Donor Profile, find your profile picture in the bottom left of your screen and click the ellipsis. 


Overflow does not provide tax, legal, compliance, or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, compliance, or accounting advice. Your organization should consult its own tax, legal, compliance, and accounting advisors before sending or concluding any transaction, communication, or otherwise.

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