Workplace Gift Matching. Double your impact!

With Overflow's workplace donation matching feature, you can maximize your gift's impact by requesting your employer to match the donation.


How does this work? Many employers offer a corporate donation matching program in which they will match a donation to a qualified 501c3 organization by sending the receiving organization a donation up to 2x the value you give. That means if you donate $1,000 to your favorite nonprofit, the organization could potentially receive $3,000 from your donation!*


Let's see how this works in the Overflow platform.



Watch a video of the experience when you choose to match your gift of stock:



OPTION 2: Let us walk you through the process step by step:

1) During the donation experience, you'll be asked whether you'd like to participate in your workplace's employer matching program.Select 'Yes' to be taken to the following question.(Note that this experience will look slightly different depending on if you are donating cash, stock, or crypto, but the question and process is the exact same).



2) Next, enter your employer's name. Then click 'Continue' to complete your donation.



3) The Overflow team will reach out via email with whether your employer offers a matching program and, if so, the details of how to submit your donation for a match. We'll also let the receiving nonprofit know that you've requested a match from your employer.


4) Complete the process directly with your workplace and, upon approval, they will donate the matching funds to the nonprofit. 



At which rate will my donation be matched?

*The match rate depends on your employer's unique matching policy. If your workplace has a matching program, the match usually is anywhere from half the donation to 2x the donation value.


Is the receiving nonprofit charged additional fees for processing the match?

No. Overflow provides this service free of charge.


When will the receiving nonprofit see the corporate match?

Overflow provides the form and steps necessary to fulfill your employer's match requirements but does not directly facilitate the match. Therefore we can not give an estimate of when the match will be sent to the receiving nonprofit. Please check with your employer for an estimated timeframe. 

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